Service Manager Plus

Windows services are one component which the user hardly need to be aware of. For the novice user, services are simply background operation tasks which takes care of the various system operations. With that approach in mind, Microsoft developed the Service Control Manager ( services.msc ) which is shipped with the various versions of windows.

Some users, however, require more sophisticated service control management tools. Almong these users are system administrators, software developers ( with emphesys on windows services & kernel drivers software developers ) and system builders which require more.

Service Manager Plus provide these users the control they won't get using Microsoft's service control manager.

Main advantages:

1. Complete control over the service configuration:



2. Improved service recovery configuration


3. Review the events from the event log that are related to a given service:


4. Smart service restart


 5. Display & Edit kernel drivers/services

6. Quick find


The service manager plus can be downloaded in the link below:

 ServiceManagerPlus.msi (817.50 kb) - version 1.0.5


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